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We live in a fast world now. Everyone is focused on getting things done faster. More than anytime in history, humans now move faster, eat faster, get services delivered faster, and even get information faster through the power of the Internet. In our quest to do more in less time, one important thing we’ve been ignoring is sleep.

Not just any kind of sleep. Quality sleep. As more people try to hack into their “productivity” and get rid of anything between them and their career, quality sleep has taken a backseat, and the result has brought ugly disadvantages. Luckily, more scientific research are highlighting how crucial quality sleep is, even in our age. Especially in our age.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most important benefits you’ll enjoy when sleep well:

Higher Focus And Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of better and more relaxing sleep is the resulting effect on our mental state. Contrary to what you may think, sleeping well doesn’t reduce your productivity. Instead, it helps you have a sharper mind which is better able to focus and get things done.

Sharper minds are important for alertness and critical thinking. When you don’t get quality sleep, it is harder to make quick decisions and respond fast to emergencies. While sleeping less might free up more hours for you, you would mostly be groggy, delivering less than stellar results at work. Better to sleep better and do more work in less hours.

Better Weight Management

People who sleep more are better able to keep their weight in check than those who sip in quality sleep. In fact, research has shown that lack of quality sleep is one of the leading cause of obesity. This is easily explained too.

When you don’t get quality sleep, you destabilize two hormones in your body that controls your appetite. These hormones, known as leptin and ghrelin, help you control your urge to eat too much. Without quality sleep, they are all over the place and you are forced to eat more than your body needs. Of course, your tendency to consume unhealthy food increases.

Make it worse, since lack of quality sleep messes with your alertness, you become too tired and groggy to get in the gym. All the fast food don’t help you move fast. All these come together to have a negative effect on your body weight.

Better Health

There is a strong relationship between the quality of sleep we get and how active our immune system is. Good sleep promotes great health. Our immune system helps us quickly recognize and attack illness-causing germs. With lack of quality sleep we discuss here the importance of better sleep, the immune system becomes tired and slower when responding.

Besides, your body requires quality sleep to maintain blood sugar level. When the body enters deep sleep state, it practically drops the blood sugar level to enable your body keep things in check. This is essential in preventing deadly diseases like Diabetes and even heart related conditions.

The problem for most people is getting quality sleep. Getting quality sleep requires that you keep your room in the perfect condition — the right temperature, the right sound level, the right light level.

One of the most important conditions is darkness. Your body is designed to wind up at night and get quality, deep sleep. However the importance of better sleep, what if you want to sleep in the afternoon? What of if you want to block out outside lights from interfering with your sleep?

We asked these questions and came up with a remarkable solution. With SleepEZ shade, you can have much better sleep anytime you fall on your bed. This window cover effectively blocks out all light, helping you achieve pitch darkness, the right condition for a sound sleep.

Contact us today to book yours.

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