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Why Choosing Blackout Instead Of Normal Shades Will Change Your Life


The best solution for creating a dark and sleep-appropriate space at night and even during daylight hours Over the past few years, blackout shades exploded the market with their minimalist and functional design. They are made from an opaque fabric that is used to eliminate light from a room. Commonly found in hotel rooms and offices, but recently made their debut on many bedrooms and nurseries, due to its high impact on sales. Mission Blackout shades are specifically designed to block all light from entering a room.

Some studies have shown that exposure to light while sleeping dramatically affects one’s quality of sleep. For people who work the night shift, such as nurses, police officers, and firefighters, blackout shades are a game-changer. A study published by intensive care research fellow Helen McKenna explained that night shift work occurs during the period of the sleep-wake cycle (“circadian phase”) programmed for sleep. Alertness, cognitive function, psychomotor coordination, and mood all reach their lowest point between 3 and 5 am. After the shift, workers must rest during the circadian phase least conducive to sleeping, which compounds fatigue and can lead to chronic sleep disturbance.

A recent systematic review linked night shift work with an increased risk of sleep loss, occupational accidents, obesity and weight gain, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and breast, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The hormone melatonin, which causes body temperature to decrease and cortisol levels to rise, is responsible for the all-important feeling of sleepiness. The most effective time to sleep is at night as this effect is produced by nighttime darkness, and is interrupted by bright lights. The blue light that shines from screens such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops is particularly effective at blocking melatonin secretion.

Streetlights and other artificial lighting can also affect the length and quality of our sleep. Therefore it’s a good idea to install blackout blinds or curtains and to avoid scrolling social media for an hour before bedtime. They’re also useful in nurseries to help keep babies asleep during nap time and bedtime.


If you’re looking to reduce your energy costs, using blackout shades will keep your rooms cool and comfortable by preventing heat gain during warm summer months. During the winter months, the insulate properties of blackout shades can also reduce heat loss. Simply by adding blackout window treatments to your home, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 25 percent.

Another benefit of blackout shades is that they provide considerable noise reduction and enhanced privacy so that no one can see inside your home, especially at night. There are many places you can install blinds, such as doors, where you can feel the nice breeze from the outside and not have direct heat from the sunlight.

Door blinds can also be used to add more beauty to your property’s curb appeal, and it gives you privacy from the neighbors whenever you have visitors at home Furthermore, if you love hanging out at the patio with your kids, you may opt to use patio blinds. This type of blind can eradicate the amount of sunlight you receive which is sometimes the main cause of your terrible migraine. Using patio blinds at home can also make your house cooler, especially if you’d like to have a sweet dinner just outside of your living area.

Multi function

If you have a home theater, blackout shades can help create the perfect space for watching movies in your home no matter what time of day it is. They allow you to block out sunlight and prevent any glare that might interfere with your ability to see your projector screen or television. Further, if you’re a photographer or happen to have a hobby in photographic film and making prints, you can use blackout shades to turn any room in your home into a darkroom or photography studio. Another area in your home where you can use blackout shades is your office or computer workspace. While you may not feel like this is necessary, blackout shades can help prevent glare that would otherwise make it difficult to see what you’re working on. They also provide privacy and a sense of safety.

The best window coverings for those who have children are because they do not have accessible cords, and further, they allow you to relax a bit more in your home, knowing that no one can see you from the outside.

Problem Solving

Going to sleep and waking at habitual times is optimal for good health and well-being, and regularly changing sleep times can lead to low energy and certain metabolic disorders. When people are sleep-deprived, they will often make poor dietary choices for a quick boost of energy. Sleep-deprived people are more hungry and tend to opt for foods higher in calories and carbohydrates.

Furthermore, daytime sleepiness is not conducive to physical activity and so there is an association between sleep deprivation and weight gain. Also, stress negatively affects sleep quality and can be the cause of insomnia for some people. Managing stress can improve sleep and overall health, it is vital to get enough rest to properly function throughout the day. Blackout blinds are one of the best options to control and decrease the amount of stress and anxiety. Laying in a dark room brings peace and tranquility, providing the person with a sense of relaxation and general calm.

Easy Installation

The Sleep EZ Shades has the easiest installation process ever created. Our packages include 3 mounting strips that can be easily installed in minutes, you don’t have to ever worry about messy tape glue or material falling. It was also designed to be cut with any pair of standard scissors if you need to resize for smaller windows and we designed it to cover the entire window frame for complete coverage and maximum results. It's worth nothing that there are two different types of black-out curtains available; made to measure and ready-made. As both styles have added protection from the sunlight, typically they will last longer compared to other sets. You can be sure you are making a good investment for your sleep quality if you choose either type of black-out curtain. Remember the age-old adage though; buy cheap, buy twice.


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