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Why Blackout Blinds Will Improve Your Sleep Quality


An overview of why people struggle with sleep and the best solutions to prevent it. You probably had more than one awful night where you couldn’t get any sleep, or maybe know someone who’s always saying that they don’t sleep at all. Have you wondered why this happens?

Many factors such as stress, anxiety, trauma, and even the amount of light in the room can contribute to having trouble sleeping. Insufficient sleep leads to a general slowing of response speed and increased variability in performance, particularly for simple measures of alertness, attention, and vigilance, says psychiatry professor William D.S. Killgore.

Think about one night where you hadn’t had a single hour of straight sleep, the next day was a nightmare for you, wasn’t it? You could barely keep your eyes open and maybe had trouble remembering what people were saying to you. Sleep disturbances are common in adults with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and range from insomnia and nightmares to periodic leg movements and disruptive nocturnal behaviors (Koffel, 2016), and added to your past and traumatic experiences, some external factors can increase your sleep deprivation even more, such as your mattress, your pillow and the amount of light in your room.

When you spend most of your days in daylight, sleeping with a light turned on or even with your curtains aside, letting the street and building lights enter your room can cause your body to not distinguish whether it is time to sleep or wake up. Investing in high-quality curtains that prevent night lights from disturbing your sleep and even sunrise to wake you up, is one of the best solutions (and decisions) you can make. Blackout window covers are not your ordinary curtains or covers as they are specially designed to prevent excess light breaching into your room.

Blackout curtains are specially designed with a layer of Volatile chemicals infused into the thick fabric to prevent excess light from breaching into the room and provide the depth of coolness. We provide the best blackout window shades with heat resistance and UV stopper available in the market. Having a quiet and peaceful place to sleep and spend time is ideal to maximize your quality of life.

Anxiety attacks can also be affected by bright sunlight, therefore investing in a good darkening window shade is recommended. Whatever place in the home you choose to be your safe space, being able to shut down all the light from it at times will increase your sleep conditions and prevent drastic changes in your mood.

Lack of sleep is one of the reasons why people tend to have extreme mood swings. Not just the regular changes people have that are normal in our behavior, but those who scare and annoy people because of how aggressive and radical they are. Struggling with school or work can be directly related to lack of sleep and not having a comfortable and peaceful room at home.

Blackout shades can be used in many different spaces alongside the commonly used bedroom, offering heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter. We can customize the window length and width to create your desired blackout shade to begin your new and improved life. Many people reported that working and studying in an extremely warm environment lead them to have fatigue and exhaustion. Blackout curtains are one of the most effective ways to reduce energy costs, thus because they prevent heat accumulation in the summer days but also keep your house warm in the wintertime.

Determining which space to use for different activities that require your full attention such as working, studying, and even resting, is fundamental to get stuff done properly. Cleaning regularly, having a comfortable chair and the right curtains to let in and block out sunlight when needed will improve your productivity and self-esteem.

When you get stuff done you feel good about yourself, and when you didn’t finish the task you were supposed to do, you start beating yourself up about it, and most of the time, the next day you’re more likely to do it again because “if I couldn’t do it right today, how am I going to change tomorrow if I still have all these issues?”.

Another external factor as important as heat and sunlight is the sense of security. Blackout covers offer a feeling of safety and security. For people who live in large cities that get exposed to busy streets, these blinds are the best purchase you can make. Living in a comfortable house, with the right temperature and desirable street exposure promotes a sense of control in a person’s life. It matches perfectly with the increased concept of minimalism and looks fashionable and modern, yet simple and gives you complete comfort. It's durable and easy to clean, which makes it an ideal choice for every homeowner owner.

Sleep is improved and the overall life quality is increased. Having enough sleep is crucial for the body’s functioning, as well as living in a secure and comfortable place. By investing in things that make us calm and allow us to efficiently finish the tasks we have to, we are choosing to focus on ourselves and making our life a priority. At Sleep EZ Shade we care about our customers and their experiences, therefore we worked very hard to provide the best cost-efficient blinds to put an end to several issues.

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