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Roller Shades and Ways to Overcome PTSD at Home


The increasing number of confirmed cases of the pandemic coronavirus disease is one of the major triggers for a post-traumatic stress disorder even if you’re at home. In addition to that, the news that flashes the number of employees who have lost their jobs, due to sudden shutdown of businesses worldwide can also trigger PSTD.

In order for you to conquer PTSD episode at home, here are the few practical ways you should do at home including using roller shades.

Use roller shades

Place roller shades at your window to add up your privacy at home, so no one could see the activities you’re doing at home. If you feel like to have yoga, or follow an exercise routine via YouTube or any other online platform, make use of roller shades to keep your privacy. Make sure to find roller shades provider that can customize the size perfect for your windows. Roller shades can also drive away the noise coming out from your property, it can be the neighbors trying to have fun at home to ease their worries away amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

Place sliding door blinds

If you’re afraid that someone might disturb you at night when trying to get some sleep, it’s highly recommended to install sliding door blinds. This can be an additional protection for you, if you don’t want someone knocking on your door several times. Sliding door blinds also help you to block out the noises from your siblings or any house mates who have different body clock and time for sleep and watching the TV aloud.

Use some aroma diffuser scents

It’s been proven and tested that using aroma diffuser scents can calm down your anxiety and fear in this trying time due to pandemic COVID-19 crisis. Some of the best aromatic scents you can choose are as follows:

Lavender – This can drive away the feelings of fear, anxiety, depression and stress.

Rose oil – You can get the same benefit of Lavender when you use aromatic rose oil scent. As Rose essential oil can treat panic attacks and depression.

Chamomile – if you are easily irritated, it’s highly advisable to make use of aromatic chamomile essential oil at home. Aside from its anti-anxiety and anti-depression quality, chamomile used to be an inhalant.

Use a night light

Darkness can play all types of tricks on your mind. To practically treat your PTSD, use a night light inside your room, so you can easily see your surroundings if you need to drink water at the wee hours.

Once you have applied these practical ways to overcome PTSD, as much as possible prevent yourself from having internal and external triggers such as:

Internal triggers:

  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable
  • Anxiety

External triggers:

  • TV news featuring traumatic event
  • News article that talks about jobless, COVID-19 confirmed cases
  • Smells associated with trauma that could remind you of something hurtful in the past
  • Engaging with someone who only reminds you of threats and danger

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