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Learn To Sleep Again With Blackout Window Shades

An overview of sleep disturbance caused by PTSD that can be reduced with the installation of cost-efficient blinds


The American Psychological Association states that the reexperiencing of a traumatic event in the form of repetitive dreams, memories, or flashbacks is one of the cardinal manifestations of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The dream disturbance associated with PTSD may be relatively specific for this disorder, and dysfunctional REM sleep mechanisms may be involved in the pathogenesis of the posttraumatic anxiety dream (Ross, 1989). Insufficient sleep has been defined as the duration of sleep below which waking deficits begin to accumulate (van Dongen, 2003), whereas sleep need has been defined as habitual sleep duration in the absence of pre-existing sleep debt (Dement and Grenber, 1966).


In 2020, almost 83 percent of U.S. veteran and active service survey respondents stated they have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of their military service after 9/11 (Statista, 2021).


The cycle of sleep consists of five stages that we all process cyclically: 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. A complete sleep cycle takes an average of 90 to 110 minutes, and during these cycles, we tend to spend more than two hours each night dreaming. Most people experience 3 to 5 intervals of REM sleep every night, and those whose periods become progressively longer might find themselves experiencing nightmares most often in the early morning hours. During REM sleep, your brain waves exhibit activity fairly similar to when you’re awake, and your brain is consuming as much if not more energy than when you’re awake.



How Do Blackout Blinds Help With This?

Although mostly everything related to dreams is still uncertain, there are a few practices that have been proven to help reduce the amount of nightmares people experience.

The main issue with nightmares is being woken up during them, which means you’re likely to remember them and have all the negative experiences of fear surrounding them


The temperature in your bedroom has a huge connection to sleep. Rooms that are too cold or too hot can lead to a less restful night and more awakenings, meaning more remembered dreams. Room darkening shades reduce heat in the summer and keep the room warm in winter, being one of the best purchases that will improve the sleep quality of those who suffer from PTSD and insomnia.

Sleep EZ Shades offer cost-efficient darkening blinds that not only reduce energy costs but most importantly, repels heat in the summer days but keep the room very warm on the winter nights.


Another tip has to do with the amount of light that enters the bedroom. Humans are designed to sleep in the dark, therefore when a room is too bright, the brain thinks it is still daytime and won’t transition to a “sleep mode”. A flickering TV light, or any other light sources around you as you fall or are asleep stop the melatonin from being released, and your sleep becomes affected. Window darkening shades, as their name states, completely darken any room, giving a feeling of peace and providing quiet.



Other Helpful Practices

Maintaining a healthy diet also contributes to reducing nightmares and establishing a normal and healthy sleep pattern. Is recommended to stop the consumption of nicotine and alcohol, and although these compounds initially induce sleepiness for some people, they have the reverse effect as they wear off, causing awakenings after just a few hours of going to sleep. Light-blocking curtain shades play a major role in preventing awakenings and will improve your overall life quality.


Exercising regularly benefits those who suffer from insomnia, but vigorous workouts late in the evening may provoke energization. People who don’t have much time in their day to hit the gym or go for a run and have to do it late in the evening can use Sleep EZ Shades sun darkening window covers to disconnect and relax after a busy day or workout. These blinds can also isolate noise from the outside, offering a completely peaceful and quiet environment.


Night shift workers such as nurses, pilots, security personnel, customer service representatives, and many others, are the most vulnerable to experience irregular sleep patterns, which lead to excessive sleepiness, irritability, mood problems, and reduced productivity. As we explained before, humans were designed to sleep at night, and when there’s too much light in a room, the brain can’t fully switch to a “sleep mode”. Darkening blinds solve perfectly this issue many workers have, providing complete obscurity and temperature regulation, giving a peaceful sleep, even in the daytime.



One Product That Solves Everything

Blackout blinds for insomnia aren’t just useful for those who have various disorders or strange sleeping cycles to consider. While being woken up by the sun might not bother everyone, there’s more than just sunlight that can disrupt your sleep these days. Most homeowners are constantly exposed to endless forms of light pollution that impact their circadian rhythms, including outside street lighting, lighting from neighbors, cars, and traffic.


Darkening window shades solve many issues at once, being very versatile and having the ability to fit every user. With excellent privacy every day, all day, for rooms that require absolute view-shielding, these curtains make it perfect if you don’t want anyone to see through your window or glass partition.

What’s more, they offer heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter, thus keeping cool in summer and keeping warm in winter. Blocking out 85% infrared ray and 95% UV ray, and reducing the fading and aging of interior furnishings, blackout shades are ranked number one in the market for being a multiple-problem solver.

Stop suffering and start enjoying yourself with well-priced and quality-ensured window-darkening shades.

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