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How To Treat Sleep Insomnia Using Blackout Shades


When you think about sleeping calmly at any time of the day, the first thing that comes to mind is a room without light or a dark room. Blackout blinds make your room dark and you can get a feeling of the night at any time of the day. Sleeping in the darkened room helps you feel more energetic and even helps you to boost your immune system. Blackout blinds can provide uninterrupted sleep by blocking out light, especially during the mornings and midday. The following article provides detailed and fact-checked information about their uses and benefits regarding sleep disorders and other struggles.


According to a clinical review published in 2010, insomnia disorder is defined as difficulties in initiating/maintaining sleep and/or non-restorative sleep accompanied by decreased daytime functioning, persisting for at least four weeks. For many patients suffering from depression and anxiety, insomnia is a pervasive problem. Many of the aetiological theories of insomnia postulate that heightened emotional reactivity contributes to the maintenance of symptoms.

Insomnia disorder is an economic burden and public health concern affecting up to one-third of the population of the United States. It is mostly seen in older age groups and is often considered a normal aging phenomenon. The diagnosis and treatment of insomnia rely mainly on a thorough sleep history to address the precipitating factors as well as maladaptive behaviors resulting in poor sleep.


Recently, there has been a groundbreaking invention that came to put an end to this problem. Blackout blinds are a type of window treatment made from an opaque fabric that is used to eliminate light in a room. They’re commonly found in hotel rooms, offices, and schools but are also an ideal choice for bedrooms and nurseries.


Blackout blinds create a completely dark environment to sleep in, eliminating the possibility of light pollution or stimuli creating a distraction that prevents you from getting to sleep. A dark environment is also in line with the body’s natural clock, so will help you drift off into a natural slumber without the need for pharmaceuticals.


As an added bonus, adding blackout lining to your blinds makes them much more insulating. This can help you in creating the perfect sleeping conditions for you, if you like a warm environment, your blackout blinds will keep the heat locked in the room, on the other hand, if you prefer a cooler night’s sleep, the insulating layer will help keep the room cool and comfortable.

Another great benefit of blackout blinds is the sound reduction qualities. Blackout blinds can help eliminate outside noise disruptions, allowing you to rest quietly, no matter the time of the day.



Why Change To Blackout Covers?

Street lamps, car lights, and general light pollution are all disruptions that can be quickly eliminated by installing a blackout fabric into your home. Blackout fabric can also help you maintain a proper sleeping pattern throughout the year, no matter the seasonal changes. Highly effective within children's bedrooms, blackout fabric provides darkness making for stress-free bedtime routines.

The same applies for shift-workers; to mimic the effects of nighttime darkness, a blackout fabric will provide a calmer, more relaxing environment to rest in.


Great for winter too, blackout fabrics can actually provide better insulation for the home, meaning reduced energy consumption and more money saved on household bills. This is because blackout fabric is naturally a thicker fabric, making for a stronger defense against escaping heat. Similarly, you can expect a cooler home if you keep blackout shades down throughout the summer months.


Blackout fabrics also have the added benefit of being noise repressing, the perfect solution for those living in urban areas or near motorways or main roads, making for a peaceful living environment no matter the time of day. The added noise repression barrier can make for a disruption-free sleep, especially for light sleepers and children


Especially ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms, blackout fabrics can provide better privacy within the home, a vital step in creating a safe and comfortable living space you can relax in.

As well as concealing the view from the outside, blackout fabrics cleverly conceal the view from the inside.


In recent years working from home has become increasingly common and having blackout fabrics in your office can help to provide a private and distraction-free zone, with plenty of light control options depending on your preferred working conditions


Blackout blinds are really a great option for those of you struggling to rest, no matter the reason. The reduced sound and light pollution and the insulation of the material create the perfect sleeping environment every time and can help your body re-establish a natural sleeping pattern.



Invest In Quality Shades

Sleep EZ Shades is a company fully dedicated to blackout blinds. Offering the best items in the market, at an affordable price for everyone, these blinds were designed for people who struggle at night trying to sleep, night workers, and those who suffer from stress and anxiety.


Our UV Window Sun Shades offer heat insulation in summer and heat preservation in winter, thus keeping cool in summer and keep warm in winter. Blocks out 85% infrared ray and 95% UV ray, and reduces the fading and aging of interior furnishings. Further, it protects the skin from harm. 100% Light Blocking to make your room as dark as night in the light of day.

With the materials used in these window blackout blinds and curtains, most manufacturers are using durable materials for their products. Though it may be costly, think about it, you will only shell out that money once and put it up on your windows and completely forget about it which will last years, which just depends on how often you change the decoration inside your house.


These window blackout blinds and curtains are a good investment that will have a huge impact on your home, from a financial standpoint to privacy issues and even body wellness


Easy installation at the best rate, these blackout covers will solve your sleeping problems and will allow you to live a much more healthy lifestyle.


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