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How to Stay Productive Amidst Pandemic COVID-19

The pandemic crisis brought by the COVID-19 has led businesses to implement work from home scheme to continue the operation as well as to maintain the job for their employees. The main question is, how do you stay productive amidst the pandemic COVID-19? We’ve rounded up a couple of things you must consider to sustain your productivity level at home. We would also recommend using something to block the light..maybe a blackout shade? Find out below

1. Stay Informed but NOT Overwhelmed

During this trying time, limit your screening time when it comes to news, as it might get you overwhelmed and stay out of your focus at work. Select a specific time during the day to watch the news, and it has to be after working hours. It is known that behavior change can improve sleep for the long run

2. Create boundaries at Home

Working at home can be inconvenient for some, especially for starters who are just about to get the hang of it, but with a proper orientation to your family that you need a tranquil environment, it can lessen the chances of you getting destructed by them.
Choose a designated area where it’ll be served as your temporary home office and it should not be inside your bedroom or in the kitchen.

3. Separate Personal and Professional Communication

We all know the importance of keeping an open communication with family, friends, and colleagues, but connecting with these people during working hours can prevent you from being productive.
You may turn off your messenger during working hours, set aside personal communication and answer them as soon as you are done with work. You will be surprised by your productivity level while working at home if you’d know how to separate personal and professional communication.

4. De-clutter and Use efficient Blackout Shades

Whether you are a designer, editor, web developer, or someone who now works at home, you need to clear your working desk and remove unnecessary things on top of it. To help you eradicate noise pollution, it’s highly recommended to utilize shades for your window. You may choose from solar shades, blackout shades, and Fabric roller shades.

For your perusal, you may use this list as your guide:

Solar Shades – letting out your creative juice to come up with brilliant work progress requires you to at least ease your mind and reflect for a moment Solar shades provide you clear view of the outside environment but still prevent you to suffer from the heat of the sun. In which turning on your air-conditioned unit is no longer needed, as solar shades will keep your working area cooler.
Blinding Sunlight. Could probably use a Solar Shade
Blackout shades – meanwhile, the blackout shades help you sleep more comfortable especially for individuals working on a graveyard shift who find it hard to get a good sleep during day time. In addition to that, using blackout shades give you the privacy you need all these years.
Fabric roller shades – Stay stylish even when you’re working at home with fabric.
Roller shades which is easy to install and pull it back in just a few minutes without exerting too much effort. With Fabric roller shades, you can simply manage a level of sunlight you’d like your space to receive when working at home. It features heat penetration and UV rays, and requires you to zero up to no maintenance effort. Fabric roller shades are also ideal for homeowners with high ceiling.

5. Use an Organization Tool

Lastly, keep track of your task progress and check every end of the week if you have been productive, in this way you will be more motivated to do more than you have done in the previous week. There are free organization tools you can use such as Trello and Asana.
We hope’ve found value in our post here at Sleep EZ Shade. What are ways you are staying productive during COVID-19?

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