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How Light Coming From Windows Affects Extra Sleep

And why you should invest in quality sun-darkening shade.


When it comes to external factors that affect sleep, light is the most important one. Circadian rhythm, the 24-hour internal clock that regulates many processes in our body, is affected by light and when changed, it can produce major sleep issues to a person. The production of melatonin, an essential hormone that promotes sleep, is also affected by light.

This article aims to explain how light affects our sleeping patterns and why darkening curtains are the product to buy to ensure quality rest.



Why Dark Spaces Provide The Best Sleep

The human body evolved to follow daily patterns of sunlight and darkness to indicate to us that it is time to wake up or go to sleep. Electricity allows constant illumination to be possible, whether it is from street lights, cell phones, homes, and office lighting, every single place that is illuminated will cause the human body to keep being awake.


Natural daylight, and the amount of time we are exposed to it, have an impact on our sleep pattern as well. Sleeping in a bright bedroom can seriously affect the way we sleep and the amount of rest we get. Dark environments have been proven to provide the best night sleeps and ensure quality rest. For people who don’t have a dark room or are tired of buying useless curtains that claim to be blackout but fail to complete their claim, Sleep EZ Shade’s Sun Darkening Window Covers are the solution. These blackout shades block 100% of the light entering a room, with the ability to maintain heat in the winter but repel it in the summer, ensuring an ideal temperature to sleep. This also means that they can reduce energy costs, providing not only the best sleep but the best price too.


Negative Effects Of Excessive Light Exposure

A misaligned circadian rhythm caused by overexposure to light can cause severe health problems like weight gain, worsened metabolism, cardiovascular problems, and even elevated cancer risk.

What’s more, light exposure at night can obstruct the normal rhythm of sleep cycles, tremendously reducing the quality and time of sleep. Excessive light can also cause repeated awakenings and frequent nightmares. To prevent this from happening, quality blackout shades, Sleep EZ’s top-rated product, provide absolute darkness to ensure a well-balanced circadian rhythm and the best sleep you can get.


Common circadian disorders include jet lag, which arises after long-distance flights that usually occur after traveling through five or more time zones. The body’s internal clock is still aligned with the timezone of the departure city



Benefits Of Light-Blocking Curtains

When light is processed by our eyes, a special group of cells on the retina sense it and carry a signal to our brain indicating information about the time of the day, which then the brain sends other signals through our body in accordance with that time of the day to control certain organs and many systems.

Because of society’s excessive use of artificial lights, most people’s circadian rhythm has been compromised and changed to go in accordance with what those artificial lights dictate. Room darkener window covers are the best solution to this tedious problem because they completely eliminate any light from entering a room and can isolate noises too. What’s more, they offer a sense of privacy that no other curtain can match.


They are perfect for night shift workers that need to have a proper sleep but can’t do it in normal hours, parents that have little kids sleeping during the day, people who suffer from anxiety, stress, or PTSD that need a quiet and dark space to have some time alone and many more.



Good Practices To Ensure The Best Sleep

Maintaining a routine before bedtime and keeping the bedroom very dark count for two of the most efficient practices people can implement. Creating a cool and peaceful environment has been proven to help get quality rest and balance circadian rhythms. Sun-darkening shades, also known as blackout curtains or window darkening covers, can fully block light from any room that they’re installed in while maintaining the perfect room temperature and isolating street noises.

They also help with feeling protected and secure due to their ability to completely cover every inch of the desired window, not allowing any passersby to take a look at your home.


Eating a balanced diet and exercising daily will also ensure a good sleep, as well as taking care of your mental health and keeping stress and anxiety levels to a minimum.



Blackout Covers: Only For Sleeping?

Sun-darkening shades were not only designed for sleeping-related matters but also to help people wind down after a busy day and connect with themselves. They are perfect for those who like to meditate at any time of the day but don’t have a comfortable place, allowing users to obtain complete darkness and the right temperature to calm anxiety and ease stress.


Further, businesses that require secure changing rooms can also benefit from this product. Providing complete privacy, Sleep EZ Shade’s blackout window covers adapt to any surface and window length to ensure the best results, at the best price on the market. For movie lovers, this is the product to buy. No matter the time of the day, you can enjoy a quality dark environment as if you were in the cinema.



Window darkening shades help establish a healthy and continuous circadian rhythm. They offer the best sleep environment for children and adults, as well as the perfect calm and peaceful ambiance to meditate, relax and unwind. What’s more, their ability to maintain heat in the winter and repel it in the summer makes this product cost-efficient, offering double the benefits for half the price.

Ideal for nurseries, home theatres, and bright homes, this product has been proven to ensure quality rest and reduce anxiety and stress levels. Further, being adjustable to any window, they provide a complete sense of privacy and can isolate street noises.

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