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Cost-Efficient Blinds to Keep Homes Cool This Summer


Sun-basking on the beach, long adventure with friends, and engaging in outdoor activities are some of the best things we always love every summer. During summer or dry season, every homeowner is thinking about ways on how to keep their homes cooler and lessen the energy consumption. We listed some way to do so and recommended blind that may

Here are the few cost-efficient ways to keep your home cool this summer:

1.) Choose light colors for interior design

Planning to renovate or do some tweaks to your home’s interior design? This is the ideal time to paint and choose light colors for the walls. Believe it or not, rooms and areas inside your home with white walls tend to cool faster rather than those areas with dark walls. Simply because, light colors reflect the heat for about 35% or less while dark shades of paint absorb the sunlight heat from the outside up to 70 to 90%.

2.) You should opt for blinds

When it comes to blinds, there are cost-efficient materials to keep your home cool this summer. For instance, you may use door blinds each time you’d like to feel the breeze from the outside, you can just open the main door and attach the door blinds to it, so you won’t have a direct heat from the sunlight. Door blinds can also be used to add more beauty to your property’s curb appeal, and it gives you privacy from the neighbors whenever you have visitors at home

Furthermore, if you love hanging out at the patio with your kids, you may opt to use patio blinds.  This type of blind can eradicate the amount of sunlight you receive that sometimes the main cause of your terrible migraine. Using patio blinds at home can also make your house cooler, especially if you’d like to have a sweet dinner just outside of your living area.

For a less-hassle up to no maintenance requirement, a top down bottom up shade  is perfect for you, as you can turn it back on and off anytime you want in just a few seconds. Utilizing the top down bottom up shade definitely won’t give you a hard time which part of your house you should place it. As Sleep EZ Shade can customize top down bottom up shade that fits perfectly to your windows.

One window is covered in Kitchen
Affordable Sleep EZ Shade that cover entire window

3.) Unplug unused appliances

Summer is when the kids love to play their PlayStation or Xbox for the entire day, and sometimes they forgot to unplug phone chargers. Let them practice the art of unplugging devices or unused appliances at home, as the less heat being produced leads to a cooler home interior.

4.) Instead of Dryer, use clothesline for your wet laundry

One of the old-fashioned but still cost-efficient ways to make your home cool this summer is to hang your wet laundry to the clothesline rather than operating your dryer. Remember, heat multipliers can add up to the heat index going inside of your home.

You will see the effect of placing your wet laundry on the clothesline can help to cool the air coming inside your home.

Have you tried to apply any of these cos-efficient ways to cool your home this summer?

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