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7 Reasons Why People Who Suffer From Anxiety Need Quiet Time


Anxiety is a natural human state and a vital part of our lives which all humans experience. It usually helps us to respond to danger and identify whether to 'fight or flight.' It motivates us to face up complex challenges of our daily life. The 'right' amount of anxiety indeed help us to stimulate action and creativity. And also make us perform better. But there is always another side to a coin.

Similarly, persistent anxiety causes real mental distress and can lead to us becoming unwell. At worst, anxiety disorders develop panic attacks, compulsive behaviours, mental breakdown and phobias. Anxiety at this level can have a genuinely distressing and debilitating impact on our lives. Moreover, it impacts our physical as well as mental health.

"The mind is like water. When it's turbulent, it's difficult to see. When it's calm, everything becomes clear- Prasad Mahes."

Let's face the truth. There's a lot of disturbance and noise in the world. Sometimes, it is so loud and interrupting that it's tough to tend to what's necessary for us. And what's much less desired. The yearning for quiet time, however, has more significance than just taking a well-deserved break. It's an essential and innate part of renewal, growth, and living.

But creating the time to find comfort in quiet and solitude is often seen as an unaffordable luxury. That’s why Sleep EZ Shade has created a marvelous light and noise reduction fabric that will help you spent some peaceful time with yourself. After all, if you're not reflecting and quiet, you may not accomplish anything.

"Having quiet time mentally is key in harnessing our intuition, and being awake when others are asleep allows for us to be with our thoughts- Tyler Henry."

When you're being quiet and engaging in self-reflection, you are doing something much more profound. Moreover, it is a start for establishing a priority to finding out that life-changing spark of enthusiasm. It's like starting an inner fire that inspires and motivates you to act with kindness.

Now the question is, Why do people who suffer from anxiety need quiet time? How do you work for it? What do you need to do to adopt it? And, how do you ensure there's time in your schedule to accommodate self-reflection? Let me help you with all the reasons.

  1. Quiet Time Helps You to Discover Yourself

When you're constantly busy doing things and caught up in the whirlwind of life, you may avoid or forget what's essential for healthy living. Hence, anxiety takes home in your mind. By indulging in too many activities, taking on too much work, or spending time on unnecessary things, you lose sight of what matters the most. Therefore, to cope with the chaotic world, you should spend some ‘Me’ time to discover yourself. And, how will that happen? Well, there is such a product of Sleep EZ shade that will block the outer world interruption. It is a blackout shade that you can put on your window, and you will get a more comfy environment around you.

  1. Reset to Renew in Quiet Time

Humans can't keep going without ever stopping to take a breath. Not only us, but even machines also need downtime for maintenance and repair. Similarly, the human body is no different. Our mind often tries to influence our actions at the expense of physical, emotional, and mental needs. It would be best to stop and have some quiet time with yourself to rest and renew your life.

  1. With Quiet Time, You can Step Out of Anxiety.

When you are deep into work and completely filled with lots of activities, you have anxiety and stress. You are too busy to make progress. A quiet time of self-reflection is the time to examine the reasons for what you are doing and find some semblance of order that works for you. Meditation is the best way to self-reflect and to concentrate while meditating, you need noise reduction atmosphere. It will help you lost deep in your mind and fight anxiety.
  1. There's Spirituality in Quiet Time.

In everyday life, all negative can dominate the co-existence of good and positive. That’s why you need quiet time to adopt grace to saturate you. And renew your soul in those golden moments of quiet introspection. Taste the silence and let your thoughts wander here and there. Then draw your attention to your center, and you will know the core of mindfulness meditation. Once you are in the grip of anxiety, you need to work on clearing your mind by removing the anxious thoughts and replacing them with positive ones. The power of your imagination can help propel you to a place of comfort when you're fretting. Calming your body is an integral part of managing your mind. For that, blackout shade always comes in handy. It is safe to use and keep in place without damaging windows.
  1. Reinforce Your Senses

Since we are human and not a machine, we surely can put things in perspective. It's not easy when you're crashing or trying to multitask to meet a deadline. You need quiet time to do this. When you have been able to think about where you are in the universe, it is now time to discover your purpose and find meaning in what you are fully capable of doing in this life.
  1. Reduces Stress

If you can't avoid stress, you can certainly do something to reduce it. A quick and direct way to reduce stress is to regularly sit quietly for 10-15 minutes, meditate, listen to music, take a peaceful walk and take a short nap. If you have more time, perhaps on your lunch break, you can increase your quiet time. The point is not how long you are silent, but that you allow quiet time to have its proper place in your life. There is no easy way to nourish your soul and body. A bonus is that you return to work more focused and energized.
  1. Helps You Heal

Allowing quiet time to envelop you is a fundamental component in the overall healing process in a fast-paced world. It is no coincidence that caregivers and medical professionals encourage a dark, quiet room for patients recovering from illness, surgery, or other chronic conditions that require constant management. But you can attain it in your home by using our blackout shade. To know more about it, check out our website.

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