Suffering from Anxiety, Stress, and need some quiet time?

Are you needing more sleep but don’t know how you’re going to do that? We have the perfect solution for you! Introducing the Sleep EZ Shade! This covering would effectively darken any room and would provide users with a more peaceful uninterrupted sleep. A person could enjoy a more restful sleep in a quiet, dark, private, and peaceful environment without the sun shinning on his/her face. Our blackout window cover provides user with longer, deeper sleep. We designed Sleep EZ Shade with amazing blackout window capabilities so you get a quiet night time feel even during the day! We made sure that it covers your entire window! Blocks light, blocks noise, and it can be removed anytime! See what people are saying about the sleep results they were dying to get! Get yours today! 

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Too much light in your window?

We designed the Sleep EZ Shade with amazing blackout window  material to create a quiet night time feel even during the day! Performs better than regular blackout curtains because it covers the entire outer frame of window. Experience a deep sleep like you haven't in years! Guaranteed or your money back!

Block outside noise from window

Do you live by a busy street? Do you have noisy neighbors or loud cars on your street? Problem solved! Its an incredible feature that will leave you speechless.  Do you have dogs barking in your area all the time? The Sleep EZ Shade blocks outside noise, it's amazing!

Swee EZ Door - Blocks light on bottom of door

Do you have too much light coming from the bottom of your door? Is it hard to keep a room cool?  Our Sweep EZ Door cover is perfect. Installs in seconds and holds great. Slides smoothly on any floor. Get two for the price of one.  Great for blackout purposes as well. Too much gap on bottom of any door? Get the Swep EZ Door today, problem solved!

Create privacy on any window

Do you have a window that needs extra privacy? Can someone easily look into that window? With the Sleep EZ Shade you can peel back a corner and let sunlight through that window whenever you're ready! Create more privacy for you and your loved ones.

Saves energy in your home

The Sleep EZ Shade fits perfectly around the  entire window frame, blocking weather conditions at all times. Saves energy and  keeps your home cooler/warmer at all times. Applying the Sleep EZ Shade in your home can save you money$$!

We care about you and understand the need! Once you experience it, you'll see what we mean!

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SLeep EZ Shade

Installs in minutes

Sleep EZ Shade installs in minutes. You can remove and put back on mounting strip very easily!

Special Blackout Fabric - No light

Special blackout fabric made to block outside noise from window, deeper sleep, even saves you energy

Words can't describe how better you'll truly feel!

Sleep EZ Shade covers entire window! Blocks noise, Darkens room, and more Different sleep experience

Facebook Testimonials

Patrick O'Brien Boling - Louisiana

 "I highly recommend this product for professionals that need a good night sleep and seek to be at peak performance. As a combat veteran, I found noises often disturbed my sleep. Rather it be the sound of trains, plains or the neighbors dog, the Sleep EZ Shade has improved my over all night sleep. I highly recommend one for every window in your bedroom and in any room where you desire tranquility."

Harley Navarro - Breckenridge, Texas

 "The sleep Ez shade was just what I needed for a person like myself who gets terrible migraines you know that sometimes the pesky sunlight can be quite bothersome but ever since I got my sleep Ez shade I don’t have to worry about the sunshine anymore so when my migraines hit I can just turn out the lights and be in complete darkness. It’s so easy to install it took no time at all I definitely recommend to anyone!"

Guaranteed sleep or your money back!

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